What is Buy Now?

This is a dealer-optional feature which I have added to the auction to give people who can't be at the closing of an auction the opportunity to purchase the specimen outright.  If you see a specimen you like and don't want to chance missing it, or, you know you will be gone when the auction switches over to a live auction, then you can "Buy Now" for the price the dealer is asking.  This price also gives you a sense of what a specimen's fair market value is.  You can use this as a guide for placing your bids on a given specimen.

The dealer has the option of using the Buy Now or not when loading their specimen(s) into the auction.

The "Buy Now" feature will activate when the bidding starts for a new auction - not before. Unlike Ebay the "Buy Now" option does not disappear after the first bid has been posted.  The "Buy Now" price and option will remain available for the first 24 hours after the auction starts.   After that time it will disappear and the option of buying the specimen for the "Buy Now" price will be over.  You will only be able to obtain the specimen by having the highest bid for it. 

You can essentially consider each new auction a new gallery of specimens to choose from or, you can enter the fun and place a bid. 

Thanks for your interest!