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Welcome to the Trinity Mineral Company mineral auction site.

This site uses FIVE auction sites to give you a wider range of bidding opportunities and will offer some dealers their own auction capability such as Marin Mineral Auctions and KQ & Lu Auctions The Special Auction will be used for occasions such as a benefit auction, an auction or series of auctions related to a specific show such as the Tucson Show, or a single dealer's selection of minerals. The Dealer's Choice Auction is typically where you will find the best specimens .  The Dealer's Overstock Auction is also a place to find quality specimens at a reduced reserve bid.  There is a new one of each each week.   All of the auctions use an optional proxy bidding system. To register to bid click the link on the left.

Should a problem arise please feel free to contact me. I am always available for any issue related to this site as I am the owner of it.

Thanks for your interest.

John Veevaert
Trinity Mineral Company



Recent and Upcoming Auctions

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Special Auction
OpensStarts to Close
Bob & Lisa Williamson Nov 25 10:00 AM Dec 1 6:00 PM
Veevaert/Rykoff Dec 9 10:00 AM Dec 15 6:00 PM

Dealer's Choice
OpensStarts to Close
11.23 DC Nov 23 10:00 AM Nov 29 5:00 PM
11.30 DC Nov 30 10:00 AM Dec 6 5:00 PM
12.7 DC Dec 7 10:00 AM Dec 13 5:00 PM

Dealer's Overstock
OpensStarts to Close
11.25 DOS Nov 25 10:00 AM Nov 30 6:00 PM
DOS 12.1 Dec 1 10:00 AM Dec 7 6:00 PM
12.7 DOS Dec 7 10:00 AM Dec 13 6:00 PM

Marin Minerals Auction
OpensStarts to Close
Marin Minerals Auction #67 Dec 2 7:00 AM Dec 8 6:30 PM
Marin Minerals Auction #68 Dec 9 7:00 AM Dec 15 6:30 PM
Marin Minerals Auction #69 Dec 16 7:00 AM Dec 22 6:30 PM

KQ & Lu Auction
OpensStarts to Close
11.25 KQ & Lu 75 Nov 25 10:00 AM Nov 30 6:20 PM
12.01 KQ & Lu 76 Dec 1 10:00 AM Dec 7 6:20 PM


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